Wireless Routers

The Risk of Having your Business Wifi Without a Password and Possible Security Measures

The manner in which the internet Is administered has changed a lot since its inception. It’s no longer a luxury that can only be found in certain cafes. It has become somewhat a need to some people right next to food and clothing.

It’s become such a necessity that many businesses have used Wifi connections via their wireless routers as a means to attract customers. This would normally not be a problem except businesses put themselves at risks by doing this. This is more so the case for small businesses that can’t afford to have an entire IT team behind them like the big companies. 

The risk Involved

The main risk that many businesses face is high internet bills at the end of the month. This is because people will piggy back on your network and use it as much as they want. This is on the upside.

People can do a lot worse as they can hijack accounts and capture passwords. It’s on this note that we’d advise every small business owner that offers free wifi to ensure that they properly secure their wireless router as well as network. 

Possible Security Measures to Take

The good news is that there are some simple security measures that even small business owners can implement to ensure that their business is secure. Let’s start with the password. Always use a strong long password. It should be a long phrase with a combination of upper case and lower case letters. In addition, adding special characters to the password can also help add to the strength of the password. 

WPA2 Is Key

You could also have an encryption protocol to your wireless router. The best one to go for is WPA2 as its less susceptible to hacking. You could also choose to use a VPN to help mask your network better. Adding a firewall will also help with protecting your network form malicious attacks.

Secure Your Router and Ports

Another thing you need to watch out for is the Ethernet ports. Always keep them secure as you don’t want any random person tampering with your router. The best way to do this would be to keep the device as far away from people’s reach as possible. Finally, the last thing you can do is to disable remote login. This is because it has shown to be susceptible to attacks. Always make sure that you keep your router safe. 

How to Access Wireless Router for Settings

There are different IP addresses you can use for  router configurations. 


These are just some of the small steps that you as a business owner can take to secure your network connection. There are some more complicated things that you can do, but this is best left to an expert. We’d advice that you have an IT expert at hand to help you with these things (of course, this does depend on your budget as well).

This will also help you ensure that other problems that might occur with your network or wireless router are quickly fixed. Remember to always keep your network protected.

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